HR & Benefits Audits/Compliance

HR/Benefits Audits

The HR audit conducted by Total HR Solutions allows for a comprehensive review and assessment of the levels of HR compliance, as well as the Human Capital focus as it relates to the organization’s goals and objectives.

This process allows Total HR Solutions to identify areas of opportunity relative to compliance, as well as overall HR strategy and day-to-day HR operations.

During the audit process the following is reviewed:

  • Hiring and termination practices
  • General HR policies and procedures
  • Reports and record keeping and systems
  • Benefits and compensation
  • Performance evaluation processes
  • Personnel file review
  • Position descriptions
  • Administrative compliance

Periodic review of HR compliance is critical in order to avoid the potential for risks and related fines that in many cases are on a per employee basis for the period of violation.


With the myriad of local, state and federal regulations governing the business environment, it is important that companies remain in compliance with these laws that vary by the number of employees within your organization.

Total HR Solutions' focus is to help you maintain legal compliance and avoid any potential penalties and/or legal exposure.

Total HR Solutions can assist by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive audit to determine gaps and areas of opportunity
  • Conducting an audit of your employee relations/investigation practices
  • Developing HR policies and procedures to bring your organization into compliance
  • Creating a customized employee handbook

Questions you should consider in relation to your company are:

  • Are we in compliance?
  • Are the policies we have sufficient for our employee base?
  • When was the last time we had an HR audit?
  • When was the last time our employee handbook was updated?

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